Product Description

BOSS FireShield™

TimberClear™ & TimberWhite™

BOSS FireShield is a high performance timber intumescent coating for use in construction and refurbishment.  Available in both clear and white, the halogen free, water-borne, environmentally friendly intumescent paint is used to prevent the spread of fire on internal wall and ceiling linings made of solid wood or engineered timbers.  FireShield achieves the highest surface group rating on any timber, G1-S and is also used to protect structural timber work from fire.



BOSS FireShield™ TimberClear gives timber a clear coat for a natural finish.  A halogen free clear intumescent that achieves the highest surface group rating on any timber, Group 1-S.

  • Clear finish maintains natural timber finish
  • Halogen free
  • Water-Borne
  • Cost-Effective
  • Simple two-coat system



BOSS FireShield™ TimberWhite provides a painted, fire-rated finish for wood, including structural timber. The pigmented timber intumescent coating achieves Group 1-S surface finish.

  • Pigmented (can be tinted any colour)
  • Halogen free
  • Water-Borne
  • Cost-Effective
  • Fast one-coat application


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Project Listings

Agricultural School Library

BOSS FireShield Agricultural School Library

This is a listed building in the Historic Buildings Trust of Sweden. BOSS FireShield has been used throughout this landmark project to protect the surface linings and the load-bearing structure to comply with the building regulation while retaining the heritage aspects of the building, allowing the timber to remain untouched without encapsulation or new structure.

Deloitte Building Christchurch

BOSS FireShield TimberWhite & TimberClear

BOSS Fireshield TimberWhite & TimberClear coat an architectural ceiling in this new restaurant.

Papanui Club Christchurch

BOSS FireShield

BOSS FireShield 1300 sqm of timber linings.

Bealey Hotel Christchurch

TimberClear Bealey Lodge

FireShield 3000 sqm of timber linings, by RM Design

Muffin Break

FireShield Muffin Break

FireShield Muffin Break

Dubba Dubba

FireShield Dubba Dubba

FireShield Dubba Dubba